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What is Machine Learning

Updated: Sep 20

Gone are the days when machine learning and AI technology were only for huge corporations. The huge corporations are investing a lot in machine learning technology. Recently Google, Microsoft, and other corporations came up with a plan that is affordable for companies of all size. Google has plan to make machine learning technology affordable to every single business.

Here is a machine learning definition for you in simple words. Machine learning is a part of Artificial intelligence that enables the system to learn on its own from collected data and experience without human interference. Talking about various machine learning types. The machine learning applications vary, according to the type of machine learning.

The first type of machine learning is supervised learning where human beings provide an example over and over again to machines to help it learn. Over the period, machines learn on its own.

The supervised machine learning algorithm is important for identifying popular advertisements that work, spams detection, and face recognition. The recent example of face recognition is Facebook machine learning algorithm.

The unsupervised machine learning algorithm is the opposite of supervised learning. We offer tools to machines for identifying objects, instead of feeding it with tons of data. It learns to group, cluster, and organize the data that it collects like how human beings do to learn. A great unsupervised machine learning algorithms can be extremely useful in the world where the majority of data is unlabeled.

Some of the great examples of unsupervised machine learning algorithm are recommended systems like YouTube offering recommended videos, identifying buying habits of people, and organizing user logs.

The final machine learning algorithm is reinforced learning. The reinforcement machine learning is different. It is a kind of behavioral learning. It is one of the machine learning techniques where machines learn from mistakes. We send machines a different signal for positive and negative action of a machine. We reinforce the system to focus more on positive actions that it take.

Many corporations widely use reinforced machine learning algorithm in resource management application, industrial stimulation, and video games.

There are businesses who are getting a significant return on investment on their machine learning investments. Due to this reason, the market and popularity of machine learning and AI is growing at a steady rate.

In the future, every professional should be aware of AI and machine learning. Opting for a machine learning crash course can do the trick for you. Here, we are not talking about being an expert in machine learning, but knowing just enough to utilize the full potential of AI/machine learning.

The machine learning is going to get much more common in the future. It will be an integral part of almost all AI systems. The technology will get deep into many industries and it will have increased importance in the business applications.

You can expect machine learning technology to improve at a rapid pace with money flowing into R&D. The computers will be much better in understanding natural languages. The digital assistant is likely to be a new norm of the society shortly.

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