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Data Mining Applications and Trends That You Need to Check Out

Updated: Jan 14

Data Mining Applications and Trends - Datahod

Table of Content

  1. AdvancedMiner

  2. Civis Platform

  3. FICO Data Management Solutions

  4. HP Vertica Advanced Analysis

  5. Angoss Predictive Analytics

  6. Multimedia Data Mining:

  7. Spatial and Geographic Data Mining:

  8. Ubiquitous Data Mining:

  9. Distributed Data Mining:

When it comes to talking about data mining, it is mainly used to extract the data from different sources and organize them for better usage.

There are various challenges that come up when they are implemented rather than having different commercial systems for data mining. With the rapid evolution in the field of data mining, various companies are expected to stay abreast with all the new developments.

Primarily used today by companies with a strong consumer focus, data mining is to “drill down” into their transactional data and determine pricing, impact on sales, customer preferences and product positioning, customer satisfaction, and corporate profits.

Moreover, retailers can make use of point-of-sale records of customer purchases so that they can develop products and promotions to request to customer segments. Below, we will have a look at the top data mining applications and trends of 2019 that you must check out:


AdvancedMiner is an advanced analytical tool for data processing, analysis, and modeling. With a Workflow interface, it delivers a comprehensive and user-friendly environment for data exploration.

Using this tool, you can get a range of features for extracting and saving data from different database systems and files, executing operations on data, dividing it into testing/training/validating sets, graphical and interactive data exploration.

Civis Platform

Civis Platform is the most widely used platform that enables users to extract maximum value from the data. Using this software, users can solve complex data-related problems as this software enables users to analyze and guide decision-making. It is specially designed by data scientists to provide maximum value out of data analysis.

For businesses, data has become more important. Data guide strategy formulation, insight into markets and customers, trends, and potential problems and opportunities. Therefore, data is the most important asset for the company. So, use this software and get help in scheduling tasks and activities. This high-end software enables users to share and develop workflows.

FICO Data Management Solutions

FICO’s Data Management Solutions’ flowing data platform mainly aims to help organizations search for the right information in making big decisions, which will be beneficial to the business. With the huge data for various companies, you can use them rightly, and gathering the most relevant data is the main thing to be productive.

Moreover, it delivers important insights derived from various sources to establish rightful decisions. It gathers data from structured and unstructured sources. It gives definitive information about customer relationships with real-time streams of data.

HP Vertica Advanced Analysis

HP Vertica Advanced Analytics is popular for managing and organizing data for business users. This tool analyzes important data rapidly and easily. It can easily manage both structured and semi-structured data.

HPE Vertica is a highly SQL database analytics portfolio that is mainly developed from the basic line of code in order to report the widely demanding data analytics initiatives. In addition to this, it provides speed without compromising, scales without limits, and the broadest range of consumption models. You can choose Vertica on evidence in the cloud or on Hadoop.

Angoss Predictive Analytics

Angoss Predictive Analytics is a global leader in delivering predictive analytics for all those businesses, who are looking forward to increasing performance across risk, marketing, and sales. The platform comprises a complete suite of desktop, big data analytics software products, client-server, and cloud solutions.

The predictive analytics software suite comprises KnowledgeSTUDIO, KnowledgeSEEKER, and KnowledgeREADER with the best-in-class Decision Trees and Strategy Trees. Completely hosted and managed KnowledgeCLOUD solution serves industry-leading analytics for different organizations, which require in-house specialization.

So, these are the top data mining applications that can help you in your work and make it a lot easier. Along with, it is essential that you check out the top data mining trends of 2019 so that you make yourself updated:

Multimedia Data Mining:

Multimedia data mining is one of the top methods that are catching up because of the growing ability to capture important data accurately. This method comprises the removal of data from different kinds of multimedia sources like text, audio, video, images, etc. and data is converted into a numerical representation in various formats.

Spatial and Geographic Data Mining:

It is a completely new trending type of data mining that comprises extracting information from astronomical, environmental, and geographical data that also includes different images taken from outer space. Such kind of data mining can help in revealing various aspects like distance and topology that are mainly used in geographic information systems.

Ubiquitous Data Mining:

It is one such method that mainly includes the mining of data from mobile devices to get accurate information about individuals. Despite having different challenges in this type like privacy, cost, complexity, and more, this method has various opportunities in different industries.

Distributed Data Mining:

Distributed Data Mining has gained huge popularity in the market as it comprises the mining of huge amounts of information stored in various company locations and organizations. In this type, highly classy algorithms are used to extract main data from various locations and deliver deep insights and reports based upon them.

These are the top data mining trends of 2019 that are getting wide popularity in the market. You can consider these trends and develop a high-end data mining application. However, if you want one dedicated data mining app for your business, you can discuss your requirements with a leading mobile software development company that has experience in developing such applications.

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